JAMSA is a community of business owners and organizations interested in cooperatively enhancing our livelihoods and neighborhood. We desire to discuss ideas and take action to help strengthen economic viability while maintaining our town's character

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JAMSA's purpose is to promote business activity in Jonesborough; to develop a sense of cooperation between the various merchants, businesses, service providers, organizations, and the Town of Jonesborough; to enhance communication among the business community, Association members, and the Town of Jonesborough; and to organize, direct, and implement activities that enhance the businesses in Jonesborough and the general well-being of the town. JAMSA is devoted to improving business

conditions of Jonesborough area businesses, promoting common interests of all commercial enterprises in the Jonesborough trade community.


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There are wooden coins called JAMSA Coins that are valued at $5 each. They are a great way to give the gift of shopping and dining in Jonesborough while supporting local small businesses. 

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